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Who Are We?

Currency Systems is a Leading Merchant Services Advisor.

Currency Systems is your Organization’s Game Changer.

We drastically improve the efficiency of your current merchant account. We specialize in analyzing your payment services and merchant statements to determine an accurate fee calculation and provide a report for your review. Our highly skilled account executives integrate, streamline and maintain your business.

At Currency systems, we negotiate the best rate for you in the marketplace. We ensure each detail is executed seamlessly.

Our ongoing support, our level of expertise and commitment to your bottom line is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Value Proposition

Currency Systems can make you more by:

  • Lowering Your Merchant Services Fees
  • Apply and Follow-Up with a Rate Reduction Every 6 Months
  • Gain Your Trust Through Our Hard Work and Experience
  • Increase Customer Service as an Advisor
  • Assign a Dedicated and Experienced Account Executive To Your Account To Ensure Industry Leading Service
  • Protect Your Company from Future Rising Rates and Hidden Fees

We maintain a philosophy of top-tier service and support. Currency Systems strives to exceed expectations.

Ready to save your business money?


  • Currency Systems is a wonderful company with a responsive staff. They are a wonderful addition to our organization and would highly recommend them as a perfect business partner to work with.

    Sahil D. L. Hansen's
  • Currency Systems provided a detailed, transparent breakdown report in relation to our payment processing and proposed a very cost effective structure for us moving forward. All that they required from us was our last 12 months of merchant statements. By making the transition to our new processor, it turned out not only were there substantial savings, but Currency Systems provided exceptional service and professionalism from the moment they analyzed our position in the marketplace, to being fully alive with no issues.

    John M. Grand Touring Automobiles

A Final Thought…

As industry experts, we provide merchants with top tier rates, cutting-edge technology and keeping you current in the ever evolving payment processing industry.

Choosing Currency Systems as your payment service provider is the refinement your organization needs.

Our call center is available to answer any and all questions. Currency Systems offers fast, effective solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is no risk or obligation. Simply, invest 20 minutes of your time.

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